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  • CPA Magazines
    Browse all the CPA magazines from 1984 to current. You can also search for specific topics and read everything that has been written on the subject.
  • CPA Tech Notes
    These are informational handouts that deal with the most frequently-seen problems and most frequently-asked questions about Cessnas. Nosewheel Shimmy, Hot Starts, Rigging, Brakes on Retractable Singles and many more subjects.
  • Cessna Model Histories
    Each model is broken down by year with information such as serial numbers, base price and gross weight. The histories will give you information on updates made, such as in 1965 the 172 flaps were changed from manual to electric.
  • Service Bulletins and ADs
    We have a wide range of maintenance manuals, parts manuals, Pilot Operating Handbooks, overhaul manuals and much more. These can all be searched by model, subject, supplier or type of manual you’re looking for.
  • Service/Maintenance Manuals, POHs
    You can learn what every manual covers and why there are so many.
  • STCs
    A Supplemental Type Certificate is a legal change to the Type Certificate STC’s are required to submit any changes to the FAA that you or your mechanic has made to the aircraft.

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